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Third Party Reporting Inspections

How does third party inspection software affect you?

How does third party inspection software affect you?

 “Third Party Reporting” inspections are becoming more frequently required by certain jurisdictions.  An extra step in your routine inspection will be used to report to your local authority to report on the overall status of your system.  Building owners and fire protection contractors will all have to adjust to this new requirement.  What is “Third Party Reporting”, you ask, and how does affect me?

Changing Requirements for Inspections

As a building owner or occupant, local fire codes require that you inspect and test your fire alarm and sprinkler system on an annual basis at minimum. After the inspections are complete, a report is sent, listing all devices tested, their operational status and whether anything requires repairs. Repairs are usually completed by the inspecting contractor, the system certified as operable and the customer returns to running his or her business.

Third party reporting adds another layer to the inspection and testing process. Several jurisdictions in the area have engaged an online “third party” provider (of which there are several) to collect inspection and test reports for local fire marshals. They require a fire protection contractor to register, pay a membership fee and upload all inspection reports within a specified period of time. There is also a small fee to submit each report. Fire marshals use this information to evaluate the operability of the system and it may trigger an onsite inspection to investigate the severity of any problem.

What does this mean for our valued inspection and testing customers? First of all, it will unfortunately increase the cost of inspections due to the fees imposed on service providers. Second, since third party providers will be forwarding all inspection results to local authorities, it will be vitally important that repairs be completed in a prompt and complete manner.

Third party reporting is another of the technological advances that require education on the part of service providers and customers.

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