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The Top 3 Most Common Fire Sprinkler Deficiencies

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Proper inspection of commercial fire sprinklers is a necessity.

When it comes to fire sprinkler systems, some issues are all too common which can be fatal if left unresolved. According to the NFPA code, all fire sprinkler systems need to be tested and regularly maintained to ensure the safety of everyone within a building or public facility. With every inspection, professional typically see the same routine infractions. Here are some of the common deficiencies prevalent in commercial fire sprinkler systems.

Painted Or Loaded Heads

In every business, dust is a common occurrence. And whenever renovations take place, paint is often introduced as well.  These different foreign substances are harmful to a commercial fire sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler head can malfunction if debris or other unnatural substances are surrounding it. Although some thorough cleaning can sometimes do the trick to allow the fire sprinkler head to work properly, the best solution for any commercial fire sprinkler system is just to replace the fire sprinkler head with a brand new. This ensures that the building is secure with a proper fire sprinkler head that won’t malfunction during a fire emergency situation.

Systems That Are Due For Five Year Inspections

Many customers do not realize when they had their commercial fire sprinklers inspected that a five-year inspection is mandatory for all commercial fire sprinkler systems. Fireline can provide customers with a thorough five-year inspection. Conducting a five year inspection is a lot more intense and in depth than a typical yearly inspection. A five-year inspection requires professionals to take the end of the line apart to check for any possible sludge buildup and flush all the valves. On dry systems, professionals will need to examine the system for any scale buildup which can occur naturally over time. But this situation can trip the line causing residual water to dry on the line. Once a system is tripped, it can further push a scale to the very end of the pipe along with rocks and possibly other debris.

Head Testing

Frequently overlooked, sprinkler heads are a crucial component to any commercial fire sprinkler system. According to the NFPA requirements, standard response heads should be tested every fifty (50) years, and quick response heads every ten (10) years. Commercial facilities such as offices and schools need to ensure that every single sprinkler head is working properly to guarantee the safety of all occupants.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Fireline

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