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The Top 3 Reasons To Conduct Fire Inspections

fire inspections

Conducting fire inspections regularly is very important.

Commercial fire alarms are designed and properly installed to protect all your employees as well as the structure your business is located in. In fact, the only way to provide the full protection afforded by fire alarms is to maintain and inspect them frequently. Regular inspections must be conducted so that a professional may be able to repair any damage that may occur to your fire alarm system. Here are some very crucial reasons that you want to regularly conduct fire alarm inspections in your business.

It’s Code Required To Conduct Commercial Fire Inspections

One of the most significant reasons you need to conduct fire system inspections in your commercial building is because it is the law. All business and building owners need to be able to comply with the National Fire Alarm Codes or else they are subject to consequences which could range from fines to business shut downs. Therefore, it is imperative that business owners and building operators understand the requirements needed to ensure the utmost safety of their employees and occupants.

It Could Save Lives

Inspections are designed to ensure that your commercial fire system is in working order. As a result, in a fire emergency situation, the alarm will sound, alerting everyone within the building of a fire hazard. However, when inspections are not regularly conducted, fire alarm issues may go unnoticed. This could have fatal results when occupants are not alerted of a fire emergency in a timely manner. A simple inspection of a fire system could have the potential to save a lot of lives.

Extremely Cost Effective

It is very affordable to have a fire inspection conducted. Just consider the amount of money you will save by having a properly working fire alarm system. When a fire breaks out and your business is destroyed due to a faulty fire alarm, you may lose your entire business due to the costs of repairs. With a properly installed fire alarm system, you will end up saving money of the minimal repairs that may be needed after a fire emergency.

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At Fireline, we offer an array of portable fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems to keep your property safe. Fireline offers the highest quality alarm systems to alert occupants in your business of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. We also offer fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler systems to keep fires controlled should an incident occur. Our trained sales staff will work with you to determine which system is best for your business and our technicians will ensure a quality installation. Fireline service technicians can test, inspect and repair any existing systems you may have.

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