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Using Candles Safely in Your Home

Using Candles Safely in Your Home

Whether at dinner or in the bathroom, using candles safely is important.

Nothing says home more than a scented candle burning on a fall or winter afternoon. Unfortunately, they are a major cause of house fires. Candles are something that many families enjoy, especially during the holiday season. Whether at dinner or in the bathroom, using candles safely is important. Read on to learn how you can use candles safely!

Keep An Eye on the Candle

Regardless of where you burn candles, make sure that the flame always remains within your line of vision. When you leave your rooms, even if it is just for a couple of minutes, it’s a good idea extinguish the candle. You can re-light it once you return. If you’ve got a habit of lighting candles before you go to bed and waking up to a burning wick in the morning, consider flameless candles for the lovely glow without the fire hazard.

Keep Candles Away from Combustibles

This seems like common sense but often homeowners burn candles near combustible objects. Always keep lit candles away furniture, curtains, beds, carpets, paper, books, decorations and anything else that could catch on fire. Also, make it a serious point to keep the flames out of reach from children in your home. This includes lower bookshelves or dressers.

Be Wise with How You Burn Your Candles

Take time to trim your candle wick to around ¼ inch or less when decide to light a candle. Longer wicks or tiled wicks might lead to wax dripping, and very high and potentially dangerous flames. Also, ensure that you’re placing your candle in the right candle holder for the candle you are using. Candleholders should be durable, fire-resistant, and large enough to stop wax from dripping onto combustible surfaces out as your candle burns. If you have any other key questions about what you should do to ensure your candle safety, give the fire experts from Fireline a call today!

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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