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Vehicle Suppression Systems

Fireline Vehicle Suppression Systems

Vehicle suppression systems are a great investment for any business that uses large vehicles. They protect company property and employee safety.

When you run a business, one of your first concerns is protecting company property and the people who work for you. Losses of company property and employee injuries or fatalities can result in a business closure. For businesses that use large vehicles, one of the best ways to protect people and property is to make sure vehicle suppression systems are installed on every vehicle that belongs to the company.

What Are Vehicle Suppression Systems?

Vehicle suppression systems are fire suppression systems that are installed inside engine compartments or other areas of the vehicle that are a fire risk. These systems are typically installed on large vehicles, such as buses, large construction vehicles, mining equipment, and paratransit vehicles. To detect a fire and initiate the suppression system, these systems use spot-type heat detectors, flame detectors or linear detection tubing.

Are There Different Types?

There are three different types of vehicle suppression systems—dry, wet, and dual agent. Dry systems work by depriving the fire of oxygen, while wet systems work by cooling the fire. Dual agent systems combine wet and dry chemical agents for a more effective fire suppression action.

Why Should Your Business Have Them?

There are two main reasons you should invest in vehicle suppression systems if you run a business that uses large vehicles.

The first reason is to protect your investment. Large, specialized vehicles are expensive, which means replacing just one can cause a major financial burden. A significant vehicle fire on a construction project will halt work as you mitigate the incident and investigate the cause. This type of business interruption is not good for your bottom line.

The second reason is to protect your employees. When a vehicle fire occurs, a life safety incident is possible. If there is no effective way to extinguish the fire, the vehicle operator will be in danger. Vehicle suppression systems give the operator precious time to escape from the vehicle and get to a safe distance while the suppression systems work.

If you’re interested in having vehicle suppression systems installed, speak to a Fireline professional. They can help you determine the best application for your needs. 

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