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Victaulic Vortex Water Mist Fire Suppression System

With a Victaulic Vortex Water Mist system on hand, you will never have to worry about your business!

Whether you are protecting the data room of your business or want all-over protection, you can’t go wrong with a water mist fire suppression system from Victaulic Vortex. Victaulic Vortex has been working for more than 80 years on advancing their fire suppression systems. After many years of testing Victaulic Vortex has finally come up with a system to put out the fire while keeping your equipment safe and sound. This hybrid water and inert gas system uses nitrogen gas in order to extinguish the fire. This technology uses less than a quarter gallon of water per minute per emitter. The water for this system is combined with nitrogen at supersonic speeds to create a uniform blanket to extinguish the fire. So why is the Victaulic system better than other fire suppression systems?

Cooling Capability

Unlike other systems, the Victaulic Vortex mist system uses non-toxic agents to smother the fire. As the water and nitrogen fill the air, it displaces the oxygen and cuts off the fire’s source. This system helps to cool the surrounding areas of your business where re-ignition of the fire is possible.

Safe and Environmentally-Friendly

The Victaulic Vortex system is eco-friendly. Since the nitrogen is a natural element, this chemical does not leave any chemical traces on your equipment or in the air. Many systems sold on the market can leave by-products like carbon monoxide and hydrogen fluoride that are both considered greenhouse gases. The nitrogen and water mixture will simply evaporate once the fire is extinguished. This water mist system is also people friendly. Since it is made up of non-toxic agents, your employees will be safe even during its activation. Even as the oxygen is displaced, the reduced levels of oxygen are still tolerable for people.

No Clean Up

What is better than no clean up? With the Victaulic Vortex system, you won’t have to shut down your business for chemical cleanup. You also won’t have to worry about changing or recharging this equipment. This system is automatically recharged, allowing your workers to return to work without the fear of another fire.

Environmentally-friendly, people and equipment safe, and the ability to stop fires from re-igniting, what’s not to like? Why not have your Victaulic Vortex water mist fire suppression system installed today? Call Fireline for an estimate!

Fire Protection and Prevention with Fireline

At Fireline, we offer an array of portable fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems to keep commercial kitchens safe. Fireline offers the highest quality alarm systems to keep your business safe from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. We also offer fire suppression systems as well to help keep commercial fires controlled should they break out. Our trained technicians will work with you to determine which air sampling smoke detection system is best for your business. We will also help install and maintain the system for your commercial building.

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