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What Are Fire Alarm Initiating Devices?


What Are Fire Alarm Initiating Devices?

Fire alarm systems can be very complex networks of multiple different interconnected components.

Fire alarm systems protect many businesses, hospitals, schools, hotels, kitchens, and family dwellings from the possibility of a fire. While it is simple to take them for granted and thus oversimplify them, fire alarm systems can be very complex networks of multiple different interconnected components. The most visible part of these fire protection systems are fire alarm initiating devices. Read on to learn all about them!

What are Fire Alarm Initiating Devices?

The initiating devices in your fire alarm system are those that detect indications of a potential fire and activate an alarm. They are the fire system’s triggers and the most visible part of your system. Initiating devices are connected to your alarm system’s control panel and are under the control panel’s constant surveillance. When an initiating device is then activated, the panel identifies the location. It then goes into an alarm condition, sounding the alarm in the building and sending a call for an emergency response through the digital communicator. 

Fire alarm initiating devices include smoke detectors, manual pull stations, sprinkler water flow switches, and many more!

Fire Alarm Initiating Device Variations

There are initiating devices that can be categorized into one of two different types: automatic and manual.

Automatic initiating devices are automatic devices that are triggered automatically by the right conditions. These include:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Fire sprinkler water flow switches

Among automatic initiating devices, there are these spot-type devices and linear types of devices. Spot devices are detectors that focus only on the area where they have been installed. Simultaneously, linear types have a method of detection that covers a wide area of space and communicates to a single unit. A standard ionization smoke detector is an example of spot type, while heat detection wire is a linear type.

Manual Initiating Devices are activated manually by a person when they witness a fire emergency. This, of course, refers to your manual pull fire station.

When one of these devices is properly activated by the proper conditions (smoke, sprinkler water flow, heat or, manual activation) a signal is sent to the control panel and activates the alarm system.  At which point, your fire alarm system sets off audible and visual notification appliances, or alarms, to notify building occupants of the fire hazard.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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