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What are the advantages of CO Detection?

As the cold weather sets in, we will be turning on the heat and spending more time indoors. When generating heat in a commercial setting or home, it’s essential that we keep in mind best fire safety practices and be aware of the dangers that come with heating up our homes and commercial businesses.


One danger we should be aware of this holiday season is carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year carbon monoxide poisoning causes poisoning deaths throughout the nation. It’s very hard to detect carbon monoxide if you do not have proper detection systems set in place.


Carbon monoxide causes so many accidental deaths from poisoning because it’s a molecule that’s odorless and tasteless. You cannot see it because it’s also an invisible gas. The gas develops anytime fossil fuel combustion is incomplete. It can happen when you burn wood at the fireplace. It can happen anytime you use natural gas, oil, charcoal, gasoline or kerosene.


In the home or at a commercial facility you can frequently find carbon monoxide has developed from a flame fueled oven, dryer, furnace, grill, space heater or water heater. Carbon Monoxide can also be present in your vehicle during cold snowy days where you need to warm up your vehicle before driving off.


To protect employees, your family and friends from Carbon Monoxide poisoning this winter, you should invest in Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Essentially Carbon Monoxide Detectors save lives by alerting individuals that some level of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is present.


How do Carbon Monoxide Detectors function?


Essentially Carbon Monoxide detectors are smoke detectors that work as smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer in both homes and commercial properties. Any time the detectors identify any accumulation of carbon monoxide; it will trigger its alarm. Both high and low levels of Carbon Monoxide are detrimental to the healthy well being of people and animals.


If you hear a carbon monoxide detector go off, immediately exit the home or commercial facility and call 911.


Fireline Corporation is here to properly design and install Carbon Monoxide Detectors to tie into your fire alarm system in your facility today. Take a look at our line of Carbon Monoxide Detectors to learn how we can enhance life safety on your property. We can have network connected carbon monoxide detectors installed for your home or place of business before winter.


Call Fireline Corporation today at 800-553-3405or click here for all your fire protection system needs.


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