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What is a VESDA System?

Fireline VESDA System

A VESDA system can effectively protect property and people with its early alert specialization.

VESDA, which is simply an acronym for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, is a smoke detection system that is constantly and actively sampling the air around it. Also known as an Aspirating Smoke Detector or Air Sampling Device, these systems detect even the smallest products of combustion and send out an alert as soon as these changes take place. VESDA systems are especially suited for protecting high-value assets.

The Fastest Response

What sets a VESDA apart from other fire detection systems is its sensitivity to even the smallest smoke particles. A VESDA system allows the fastest possible response to a potential fire condition because it is constantly sampling the air by using a vacuum to actively “suck” air into tubing where it is analyzed by a laser. It will send out an alert as soon as the smallest amount of smoke is detected, far faster than standard spot-type smoke detectors. If an immediate response is the goal, it might be worth it to install a VESDA system.

Protection for the Priceless

Museums, historic facilities, and art galleries are great applications for a VESDA system. When dealing with centuries-old priceless artwork and artifacts, it is preferable to proactively manage a potential fire hazard before it becomes a fire that could damage any of the exhibits. VESDA doesn’t just protect priceless artifacts, it’s also a superior life safety system. Preventing a fire is the best possible result when protecting both property and people, and a VESDA system makes this easier by detecting smoke immediately.

More Space, Less Cost

Other excellent applications for VESDA systems include data centers, clean rooms, telecommunications facilities, control rooms, and other mission-critical facilities. For large, open auditoriums and similar buildings, a VESDA system requires fewer units than standard smoke detectors to be effective, which will save money while offering a high level of protection. VESDA systems are advantageous for other reasons, too. They are easier to maintain than standard spot-type smoke detectors and are far less noticeable than other smoke detectors, an important consideration for period architecture often found in historic facilities.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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