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What is an FM-200™ Fire Suppression Agent?

Fireline FM-200

FM-200™ is a safe and effective clean agent.

Sprinkler systems are the most well-known and most common type of suppression system, but they are not the only ones and are not the best application for every type of fire. In some cases, alternatives are needed to cleanly and effectively extinguish fires. FM-200™ systems are useful for many different applications where business interruption simply cannot occur. These systems extinguish fires without leaving behind residue or damaging sensitive equipment. They are especially useful in mission-critical facilities such as data centers, generator enclosures, telecommunications facilities, switchgear rooms, control rooms, and anywhere else that requires 7×24 operations.

Clean Agent Suppression

Clean agent systems are not like the ones you see in tv shows and movies—they do not discharge water to extinguish a fire. They use a chemical agent that is discharged as an inert gas, which absorbs heat to suffocate the fire without removing oxygen. It appears as a “fog,” that quickly mixes with the room’s atmosphere, so it will not inhibit the vision of anyone trying to exit. While sprinklers are the best solution in certain situations – they are the best life safety system and provide excellent building protection – FM 200™ clean agents are excellent at limiting collateral damage to that caused by the fire. They are safe and effective. 

Safe and Effective

There are strict standards and careful practices in place to ensure that clean agent suppression extinguishers are safe for humans. They are safe for use around humans at the concentration levels to effectively extinguish a fire. While the inert gas is discharged as a fog, it quickly disperses so it will not diminish visibility. This allows people to evacuate the building calmly and safely. Agents that displace oxygen (such as CO₂) are not recommended for facilities that are commonly occupied. This is where clean agent suppression systems come in—they absorb heat without displacing oxygen, so they are safe for occupied buildings.

Replacing Halon 1301

Before FM200™, there was Halon 1301. This was an incredibly popular (and effective) extinguishing agent. In 1994 it began to be phased out as it is an ozone-depleting chemical. Next-generation clean agents took its place, including the FM-200™ and others. These clean agents are significantly safer for the environment and have zero ozone depletion. Clean agent suppression has ensured its place in the field by being safe, not only for the environment but also for humans.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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