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What to do if a Motor Vehicle Catches on Fire?

A business owner or facility manager biggest fear is a fire. What do you do if a commercial vehicle catches on fire? Most people have no idea what to do during this type of fire emergency. Fireline Corporation is here to help you prepare with our life safety/ fire safety tips.


What should you do if a commercial vehicle catches on fire?


Although vehicles fires do not occur frequently, commercial vehicles catching on fire are one of the most deadly types of fire. The National Fire Prevention Association has identified that fire fighters respond to at least 200,000 vehicle fire emergencies every year. Annually at least 285 people die from vehicle fires.


You can prevent severe injuries and loss of life by knowing what to do if a vehicle fire breaks out. Time is everything when it comes to a vehicle catching on fire. You have to act fast to save life and property. Anytime a vehicle smells of smoke or you see flames, those are signs that a fire is breaking out.


A vehicle fire can break out beyond the engine compartment of a commercial vehicle. Here are other areas a fire can break out for a vehicle:


  • The underside of a commercial vehicle

  • At the wheels

  • From the breaks

  • The dashboard

  • Interior fire


Out of these fire outbreaks, the interior fire is the most dangerous because you are in the closest proximity to flames, fumes and smoke.


If you are driving when your vehicle catches on fire, here is what you should do:


  • Turn on your emergency signals and move the car to a safe spot such as a side lane or median.

  • Immediately turn off the ignition and leave the car. Never waste time trying to retrieve personal items. Those can always be replaced, your life cannot.

  • Stay at least 100 feet away from the vehicle to protect yourself from toxic fumes and flames.

  • Call 911 and signal to oncoming traffic that your vehicle is on fire. It is not recommended that you try to put out the fire on your own. Do not open the hood of your car or doors, the more air supply you give to the vehicle, the larger the fire will become.


You can prevent your vehicle from catching on fire by having regular maintenance by a professional mechanic.


A vehicle is most vulnerable to catch on fire if:


  • Oil leaks frequently from the vehicle

  • Your car has cracks and loose wires

  • The exhaust system makes a great deal of noise

  • You have a broken or loose hose

  • Your fuel level/ oil levels or engine temperature has drastically changed


Fireline recommends having fire extinguishers for class B and class C fires available to all commercial drivers to immediately get a motor vehicle fire under control. A motor vehicle fire can develop heat up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit and the flames can shoot out to at least 10 feet.


To protect your vehicles from fires, learn about our Fireline fire extinguishers and portable extinguisher service. We have provided the highest quality service for fire extinguisher for more than 60 years. We will recommend the proper type and size of the extinguishers you need not only for vehicle fires but also your place of business.


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