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When Do You Need to Install Emergency and Exit Lights?

When Do You Need to Install Emergency and Exit Lights?

Emergency lighting and fire exit signs are among some of the most important safety devices in commercial properties.

When an emergency or power outage affects your business, it is crucial to have reliable emergency lights and clearly marked fire exit lights. Emergency lighting and fire exit signs are among some of the most important safety devices in commercial properties. They’re designed to protect customers and employees by indicating the way towards a safe exit in the event of an emergency. While it is easy to see the importance of emergency lights, it is just as important to understand the installation, testing, and proper maintenance requirements set forth by national and local authorities. This will help to ensure emergency and fire exit lights will work if and when you need them. Read on to learn more!

Emergency Lighting Required in Commercial Buildings

According to the NFPA Standard 101, the Life Safety Code, every commercial building is required to have emergency and fire exit path lighting. The code is updated every three years to ensure that the code is keeping up with construction and technology changes. Since code adoptions vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction you should check the regulations and rules set forth by your local authority to ensure compliance. A fire protection company can help you with this.

Where Should These Lights be Installed?

Occupied commercial buildings are required to have an emergency lighted pathway and fire exit lights. However, there are certain structures exempt from this requirement.These are:

  • Buildings only occupied in the day if there is enough natural light to provide the needed level of illumination to safely exit the building. Natural light must illuminate all exit pathways. This must be approved by local authorities.
  • Structures that aren’t routinely occupied by people.
  • Towers that are designed for less than three people at a time and provide a ladder for escape.

If your building doesn’t have these exemptions, you will need emergency and fire exit lightings. Some common spots for emergency and exit lighting are:

  • Windowless rooms that are bigger than a broom closet
  • Stairs designated as an emergency exit
  • Corridors or aisles leading to an exit
  • Ramps leading towards an exit
  • Escalators leading to an exit
  • Doors with sensor-release electrical locking systems

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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