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Wireless Monitoring: The AES Radio Mesh Network

Wireless Monitoring: The FireLINK Radio Mesh Network

Here at Fireline, we are promoting the use of our FireLINK Radio Mesh Network. This network allows wireless monitoring of fire alarms.

Your fire alarms are your first warning whenever a fire breaks out in your building. That’s why it’s so important to make sure they are always working properly. Here at Fireline, we are promoting the use of our FireLINK Radio Mesh Network. This network allows wireless monitoring of fire alarms.

How It Works

Without a radio signal, wireless monitoring wouldn’t be as effective. However, the AES radio mesh network makes sure that the signal is picked up by monitoring stations that can pass the signal along. The first alarm panel that detects the fire will send a warning to the appropriate receiver in the central monitoring station. The simplicity of this system is part of its beauty, so now let’s turn our attention to some other advantages of using this system.  


One of the advantages of wireless monitoring is improved signal reception. In difficult to reach areas with poor signal reception, this type of fire alarm monitoring increases the chances of successfully detecting a fire and then alerting the relevant parties to its presence. There’s also no interference to disrupt transmissions of the signal. Even if the radio signal needs to pass through several other panels before reaching the main monitoring system, the fire alarm will get there much more quickly than other modes of transmission. When you decide to install the AES radio mesh network and add it to your suite of fire protection measures, you’ll also find:

  • Minimal installation costs.
  • Overall operating costs are much lower as well.

Saving Money

No matter what your business does, saving money is in your best interests. You can spend more time and resources on serving your customers and clients. Forced downtime due to fire and smoke damage will deprive you of that goal. Wireless monitoring of radio signals is becoming more prevalent now that telephone signal transmission is becoming increasingly outdated. As the scale of wireless monitoring grows, all of the companies who have switched to it benefit by saving more money.  

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Fireline

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