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3 Strategies to Ensure Fire Safety in Healthcare Buildings 

3 Essential Strategies to Ensure Fire Safety in Healthcare Buildings 

Attention to detail and some routine safety checks can keep fires under wraps or prevent them entirely.

Fire safety is one of the most high-pressure and crucial components of healthcare facility management. The reality of the situation is that there’s no room for mistakes; you have to do everything in power to keep your patients healthy and safe. The National Fire Protection Association has recorded thousands of fires in both hospitals and nursing homes within the last decade. Those fires lead to hundreds of injuries and a handful of deaths, along with plenty of money lost in property damage. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals already have enough on their hands. Therefore, facility managers must be vigilant in keeping all of their patients safe. Luckily, attention to detail and some routine safety checks can keep fires under wraps or prevent them entirely. Here are three strategies to ensure protection and fire safety in your healthcare building.

Monitor Your Kitchens 

The top cause of healthcare facility fires is from cooking equipment. The NFPA found that over half of fires originated in general are typically from equipment in the kitchen. The good news is that these fires usually never left the kitchen, but it is still an area where fire safety measures should be enforced. The best way to ensure fire safety for your healthcare facility’s kitchen is by emptying grease traps on a consistent basis. Make sure to store flammable liquids, oils, and other items away from the cooking equipment, and clean off grills and grill ducts regularly.

Check your Electrical Outlets and Wires for Fire Safety Reasons

Cooking fires, despite occurring frequently, are usually confined to a single room or appliance. The same cannot be said for fires caused by electrical malfunctions. As a healthcare facility manager, your building’s electrical setup can’t be overlooked. Much like kitchen fires, these electric fires can be avoided. Most fire departments recommend avoiding the use of multiple extension cords when possible. Instead of relying on cables to connect appliances to an outlet, move the appliance or install a brand new outlet. This is one way to cut back on the possibility of more fire hazards while increasing fire safety.

Train your Staff about Fire Safety

While automatic fire sprinklers and extinguishers are great, it is better to combine these with manual and portable fire extinguishers. Your staff gas to know how to use these extinguishers when needed. Also, try to develop an action plan in case of a fire. This will ensure organization in a time of crisis when you need to get all patients and employees out of the premises.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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