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A Guide to Fire Sprinkler Heads

A Guide to Fire Sprinkler Heads

Although they may all seem the same, fire sprinkler heads come in many different sizes and shapes.

Fire sprinkler systems are very easy for most people to take for granted. But, have you ever noticed the different sprinkler heads that you see in retail, residential, and commercial properties? Although they may all seem the same, fire sprinkler heads come in many different sizes and shapes, and these differences are not just all based on looks. Understanding how and why sprinkler heads are different is important in helping to understand how sprinkler systems work. Read on for a helpful guide on some different types of fire sprinkler heads!

Pendant Fire Sprinklers 

The pendant fire sprinkler head is one of the most common types that you will see. These sprinkler heads descend from the ceiling with a circular, convex, gapped deflector plate located on the bottom. Sprinklers contain a heat-sensitive element or liquid that melts or expands at a given temperature. Once this temperature is reached, an orifice opens that sends a stream of water downward onto their deflectors, which then disperses the water in a conical pattern into the room. These sprinklers cover surprisingly large areas as they extend from the ceiling. Upright sprinklers operate in a similar manner, except the deflector directs the water downward.

Concealed Pendant Head

When a pendant sprinkler head is recessed into your ceiling and covered by a decorative cap that blends in with the decor, this is known as a concealed pendant head. Where aesthetics are a concern, concealed pendants are a good choice. While it might seem like these decorative caps would hinder the sprinkler from operating, they’re designed to fall away once the temperature reaches 20 degrees below the sprinkler’s activation temperature. This plate will no longer be in the way if and when the temperatures become high enough to activate the system.

Sidewall Fire Sprinkler Heads

Sidewall sprinkler heads protrude horizontally out of your walls parallel towards the floor, instead of descending from the ceiling. Sidewall sprinklers are ideal for smaller spaces, like hallways, areas with obstructions, or where ceiling piping isn’t available. The sidewall sprinkler head has a solid, semi-circular, or rectangular deflector plate that helps to disperse the water away from ceilings and down and out in a crescent-shaped spray, toward the area it’s protecting. 

For more information on different fire sprinkler heads, and which one fits your building best, give the fire protection professionals from Fireline a call today!

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