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About the Challenges Of Hospital Fire Protection Systems

Reliable fire protection systems are crucial to health care facilities. Implementing quality fire safety initiatives can be very challenging for health care facilities because codes and standards are forever changing.

Why do the codes and standards change? The answer is behind the increasing medical safety complexity and capital budgets.

Health care facilities are one of the most complicated building projects for fire systems and overall life safety building operations.

In modern hospital buildings new fire detection/ fire suppression systems are being installed.

One fire suppression system is the Sapphire Suppression System. It was designed to replace halon type fire suppression systems.  The Sapphire Suppression System was chosen because of its assurance of performance.

Many healthcare facilities want a double interlocked pre-action system for expensive diagnostic equipment such as MRIs.

Here are some other life safety/ fire safety procedures to consider for healthcare facilities:

1. In high-rise health facilities, complete area smoke detectors operate better and they are more cost effective than traditional damper and duct smoke detectors. The complete area smoke detectors work better for smoke control. However, dampers may still be required.

2. Life safety systems and Fire safety systems need to be well planned because healthcare facilities’ are focused on compartment building design.  This means codes need to be set that have great survivability because not all sections of a hospital need to be evacuated during an emergency.

3. It is recommended that hospitals use UL 864 listed.  Why? Life safety and fire safety need to be separate systems so they can both be reliable systems during an emergency.

4. Keep in mind sustainability, energy, and national standards for HVAC, fire protection and electrical design because hospital safety needs to stay current. The technologies and requirements in such an environment changes constantly. This is why codes and standards are very detailed to provide proper guidance for the design and construction of life safety and fire safety systems.  

Changes to life safety and fire safety protocols are continuing with consideration to make operating rooms wet locations and whether they should have isolated power panels.

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