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Nightclub Fire Safety: The Importance Of Fire Alarms And Sprinklers

A fire can breakout anytime, any place. Only a week ago, a fire ripped through a crowded Brazil nightclub that killed 233 people.

There was excessive smoke and families identified their deceased relatives by tracking down ringing cell phones. The majority of nightclub goers died from smoke inhalation while others were trampled as people sought out exits.

Roughly 2,000 people were present at the nightclub at the time the fire broke out. The maximum capacity for the nightclub was 1,000. It is suspected that the nightclub fire was an electrical fire.

With this recent fire tragedy, issues with fire safety codes and regulations are being looked into further because the enforcement of building codes and fire safety codes are not balanced.

Nightclubs are dark, full of noise, crowded with people consuming alcohol. People need to locate exit signs and need a way to safely and quickly evacuate during an emergency.

The Brazil nightclub fire went undetected because the nightclub had no fire alarm detectors or automatic fire sprinklers. The building did not require these fire safety systems.

The following are nightclub fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

  • Nightclubs should have wide main entrance doorways and the doors should open outwardly.
  • A mass notification plan should be featured so people are immediately aware of an emergency.
  • Emergency exits should be clearly marked and well lit. Emergency exits should be installed in the front and back of a nightclub.
  • All aisles should be wide and no furniture should block off otherwise clear exit paths.
  • Do not block exit doors or chain them.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Is the club overcrowded? Are burning candles, people smoking, and pyrotechnics present? Where are the sprinklers? Where are the smoke alarms?
  • When you hear an alarm, see smoke or fire go to an exit immediately.

With appropriate fire safety measures loss of life and devastating/costly property damage can be prevented.

Fireline Corporation is here to keep your nightclub up to code.

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