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Apartment Complex Fires: Preventing Loss Of Life With Smoke Detectors

One of the top reasons why loss of life occurs in apartment complexes is lack of early warning in case of a fire.

One way to enhance life safety at the apartment complex you manage is to have fire alarms and smoke detectors with long-life batteries or lithium installed.

This year in Maryland a law will be implemented that requires all Maryland apartments (and homes) to have 10-year smoke alarms installed.

National statistics reveal that 94 percent of residential properties in America have smoke detectors. Out of that 94 percent, 30 percent of the smoke detectors do not work or the smoke detectors have malfunctioned.

For the best life safety precautions, apartment complex smoke detectors should be tested monthly.

The Maryland law for 10-year smoke detectors will go into effect July 1st 2013.

Having smoke detectors in an apartment complex is a fire safety/ life safety necessity.

Having smoke detectors installed by Fire Corporation is inexpensive and easy.

The best smoke detectors for apartment complexes are hard-wired smoke detectors with long battery life backup.

These smoke detectors will ensure that residents are alerted for any potential fire risk.

It is important for residents to be educated on the importance of not removing or disconnecting smoke detector batteries even when a false alarm happens.

For the best fire safety and prevention at an apartment complex, smoke detectors should be installed in all apartment units and all hallways of the building. Do not forget to have smoke detectors installed in the basement.

It is highly recommended that interconnected smoke detectors be installed for apartments because the interconnected smoke detectors detect smoke and fire.

Smoke detectors with battery backup are very important for renters because power could go out at any moment during a fire emergency. Smoke detectors in apartment complexes should feature strobe lights that flash and vibrate to ensure the life safety of residents with hearing impairments.

You may want to consider these specific smoke detectors for apartment complexes:

  • Combination smoke detectors are beneficial for residential environments that need ionization smoke detectors and photoelectric smoke detectors interconnected.

  • Dual Photoelectric smoke detectors are great for detecting smoldering fires in apartments.

  • Ionization smoke detectors. These smoke detectors work best for detecting flames of fires.

With effective early warning signals from smoke detectors, you can ensure renters a safe apartment complex. Be sure that all residents are familiar with the apartment complex fire escape plan as well.

Smoke detectors can be connected to fire control panels and other fire alarm systems for the best fire safety/ life safety.

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