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Balanced Fire Protection: Using Fire Extinguishers As A First Line Of Defense

This Tuesday in Baltimore a massive explosion occurred after a truck and train collided in Rosedale, Maryland. The CSX freight train derailment happened northeast of Baltimore around 2 p.m. One rail car carried hazardous materials but the Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz told news reporters no toxic inhalants were released during the fire explosion.


What resulted was a towering fire, a plume of smoke and major property damage to surrounding businesses and homes. The black smoke could be seen for miles.


So far no deaths have been reported in the CSX freight train derailment incident.


To help save lives during a train derailment or building explosion, it is important for train operators and facility managers to know how to properly use fire extinguishers.


Fire extinguishers are the first lines of defense during a fire emergency.




Fire extinguishers help prevent small fires from transforming into devastating fires.


When people know how to properly use fire extinguishers the chances of safe evacuation increase.


Sometimes train derailments can cause building fires if commercial properties are in close vicinity. Commercial Staff should know how to put out an aggressive blaze with a fire extinguisher to prevent physical injuries and minimize any type of property damage.


The good news is that fire extinguishers (specifically portable fire extinguishers) can effectively put out 80% of all fires, according to the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association (FETA) and the Independent Fire Engineering and Distributors Association (IFEDA).


To prevent deadly, catastrophic and expensive damage recovery, make sure fire extinguishers are available, easily accessible and ready to operate. Fire extinguishers are vital fire safety and life safety devices.


Here are just a few of the many advantages fire extinguishers have to offer:


  • User friendly fire safety device (Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep.).

  • Portability

  • Fast Deployment (operates within seconds).


It is important to know how to properly use fire extinguishers because it only takes 10 seconds or less for one single item to burn, such as furniture, and transform into an inferno (a fire doubles within 60 seconds).


Fire extinguishers should be stored near room exits and users should keep portable fire extinguishers with them to fight off a fire blocking a clear exit path to safety.


More than 3,000 people a year die in America because they do not know how to properly use fire extinguishers.


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