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Automatic Sprinkler Systems Required In New High Rise Building Codes

Are you the owner or manager of a high-rise building? If yes, you need to get familiar with the new high rise building codes. These building codes are stricter on fire safety and not all cities have equally created building codes.

For example, building codes in Chicago and New York change frequently and the new building code requirements are expected to draw national attention to fire and life safety issues. One hot topic about the new building codes involves sprinklers in older buildings.

New building codes in cities nation wide require automatic sprinklers in high-rise commercial buildings no matter when they were built.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has revealed statistics that no more than two people have ever been killed by a high-rise building fire where automatic sprinklers were completely installed and operated properly in a high-rise building.

Within the new ordinance codes, all existing commercial buildings 80 feet above grade should be fully equipped with automatic sprinklers by the year 2017.

Previously, the original ordinance only required buildings constructed after 1975 to install a complete automatic sprinkler system.

The new building codes indicate the installment of a complete building automatic sprinkler system can be completed in four-year stages. Every stage will install one third of the building with sprinklers.

Residential and landmark buildings are the only high-rise buildings exempt from the new sprinkler provisions.

Automatic sprinkler systems can help tenants escape heavy smoke stairwells. The sprinkler systems can improve firefighting techniques by the fire department as well by creating a two-way communication between tenants and firefighters.

In addition to these new building code revisions, buildings 100 feet and above must have a full installation of automatic fire sprinklers by 2019.

Other provisions of the new building codes include exit lighting, photoluminescent exit signs, and backup power for exits in high-rise office buildings of 75 feet or more.

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