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Relieving Campus Fire Emergency Worries With A Mass Notification Alert System

Is your campus mass notification system giving you headaches? If yes, Fireline is here to relieve your headaches by ensuring your campus has a reliable, affordable mass notification alert system.

School campuses need a mass notification system in place to instruct people on how to react to emergency situation on campus. The mass notification system should be instant, with well-directed live message capabilities.

One great advantage of having an all campus mass notification alert system is having an informative text message system included. For the text message system to work effectively during emergencies students and staff need to be enrolled to receive text notifications. The alerts should be not only included in text messages but universal by the means of call boxes, digital displays, e-mails, intercoms, loudspeakers, school website and on social networks.

In fact, the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act passed in 1990 requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal student financial aid to warn the entire campus community of any ongoing security threats.

At the beginning of a school year is a good time to create a sign-up process for text message alerts and other mass notification tools for all new hires and new students. Have a sign up at least twice a year to make sure the majority of those on campus are notified of any emergency occurring on campus. Text message alerts and other telecommunication alerts are effective because 90% of college students have cell phones.

The next important advantage is having an integrated alert system. The standard alert systems of loudspeakers, media and centralized phone systems should all be integrated with new technology.

With an integrated alert system, school officials can send alerts to segmented audiences like students, faculty, individual buildings and work groups in emergency locations. Parents and media can also receive special attentions during emergency alerts.

An alert system should be detailed and consist of a well-rehearsed plan for a variety of campus emergencies. The alert system plan should include a special website or homepage where emergency alerts are posted and the fully integrated alert system message should include the nature of the emergency, immediate steps people should take, where the alerts are coming from and where to get further information.

For a quality Mass Notification System, hire Fireline to design, install and program your educational facilities’ fire alarm mass notification systems. We will even provide training of the automatic detection and fire alarm systems after installation.

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