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All The Best Valentine’ Day Home Fire Safety Tips

All The Best Valentine’ Day Home Fire Safety Tips

You might not even think about it, but there can be some fire safety hazards within your home this Valentine’s Day.

February is here, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you are planning a romantic night with your significant other at home, then we imagine you are determined to impress. There are plenty of things to prepare for: a candlelit dinner, snuggling up by the fireplace and exchanging gifts. You might not even think about it, but there can be some fire safety hazards within your home this Valentine’s Day if you don’t take the proper precautions beforehand. Here are some of the best fire safety tips that will keep the spark alive, and your night with your love from fizzling out.


Candles are excellent for setting the mood for dinner, but they cannot be left unattended. Make sure to blow them out when leaving the room or going to sleep. Keep any lit candles at least 12 or so inches from anything flammable. Three out of every five fire candle fires begin from combustible items being a bit too close to a flame. Place them in a durable metal, glass, or ceramic candle holder in a spot where they can’t be knocked over. Candles should never be used inside homes where oxygen tanks are used either. If either of you begin to drink, blow out the candles right away – you’ll be less likely to remember those candles are lit later on. Don’t forget to keep them out of any sleeping areas too, despite how moody they can be in the bedroom.


Make sure that your fireplace has been scrubbed, cleaned and professionally inspected within the last year. Use a screen that can block rolling logs and any flying sparks. Put ashes inside a non-combustible covered container and cover them with some water. Make sure to check they are 100% cooled off before hitting the hay with your lover.


The number one cause of house fires is keeping an active cook or stovetop unattended. It takes less than a minute for any smoke to become a fire. Make sure your frozen foods are defrosted before adding it to the hot oil – as ice can expand and create steam within a few seconds, resulting in splatters flying all over the kitchen.


Some decorative heart-shaped helium balloons come in many different sizes and colors, and their outer coating conducts electricity. Make sure the balloons stay inside your home, if they escape and float into an electrical line outside, they’ll explode and cause a power outage.

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