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Campus Fire Safety: The Concerns of Fire Respondents And How To Improve Safety

Do you know what are the top concerns for Fire Respondents when it comes to campus safety? If you do not know the top concerns, this article will inform you and tell you ways to improve campus fire safety.

Response Concerns

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about property and the well being of others when it comes to fire safety. Fire drills should always be practiced as if a real fire is occurring. Fire respondents are concerned that shareholders do not take all fire alarms as serious as they would during a real fire. When people do not believe a fire alarm is a real alert, evacuation times are too slow and they lack the preparedness needed for a real fire. For example, Students on campus are not informed enough about how to use appliances in school kitchens such as microwaves. Campuses are not designed efficient enough for evacuation. This is a major concern because State regulations are constantly changing as the price of fire safety increases.

With all these concerns, how do you protect students, staff and property from fire dangers?

Here are some ways to increase campus fire safety as much as possible:

ØInstall fire suppression on older campus buildings.

ØTrain your administrative (this includes educating faculty and staff about lab safety, kitchen safety and dorm safety).

ØHave monthly fire drills and allow a local fire chief review your evacuation strategies and evacuation times.

ØUpgrade older systems with new systems.

ØWhen renovating or remodeling, use fire resistive construction material.

ØHave a mass notification fire system alert available for the campus community.

ØInstall sprinklers in every dorm room.

How Campuses Are Improving Fire Safety

Campuses are becoming more proactive about fire safety with fire systems that have a network monitored 24/7 by University Police. It is important that campus fire drills become more effective and accountable to save lives and prevent property damage, in case of a fire.

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Source: Additional Fire Survey Respondent Comments

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