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The Benefits of Warehouse Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

Do you train your warehouse employees to use a portable fire extinguisher? If you do not, you should train your employees. There are many benefits for your workers and company when workers are properly trained to use portable fire extinguishers in the warehouse. Read below to learn about the benefits.


Fire is an element that rapidly spreads. It is highly self-sustaining. However, it can be extinguished when one of the following four elements is removed that make up the fire tetrahedron.


The four elements of the fire tetrahedron are heat, fuel, oxygen and a chemical chain reaction.


Why Should a Fire Extinguisher Training Program Be Implemented in Your Warehouse?


When you develop a yearly fire extinguisher training program for your company’s warehouse, you will keep your employees as safe as possible by teaching them how to safely extinguish small fires. Your employees can save your warehouse from being engulfed by fire by knowing the right extinguisher to use to remove one of the four elements of fire tetrahedron.


There are four types of fire classes your workers should be knowledgeable about to prevent and extinguish small fires. They are Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D.


Ø Class A is a fire started with normal combustibles such as wood, paper, and cloth.

Ø Class B is a fire started with flammable and combustible liquids and gases such as gasoline and paints.

Ø Class C is a fire started by energized electrical equipment such as a short circuit in power transmission cables.

Ø Class D is a fire started by flammable metals such as sodium, potassium and lithium. When ignited these metals produce a fire.


When a fire sporadically starts in a warehouse, a portable fire extinguisher is the first line of defense employees should use. You want your employees confident on when to attack a fire and when to leave immediately the warehouse. Some fires should only be handled by professional firefighters. With the right training, your employees will know the difference.


Here are some factors your employees should consider when making a decision to attack a fire with a portable fire extinguisher or call firefighters:


Ø Know What is Burning

Ø Make sure the fire is not rapidly spreading.

Ø Make sure smoke and heat are not filling the area.

Ø Know a clear path of escape.

Ø Follow proper training.


When your employees are properly trained, you can guarantee you will save your company from valuable losses, insurance costs, accidental injury and accidental death.


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Source: Benefits of Portable Fire Extinguisher Training In The Warehouse

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