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New Jersey Barn Fire Kills 22 Show Horses

In the early morning hours this past Saturday, Heritage Farm owner Art Hahn woke to discover his entire barn engulfed in flames.  Inside, 22 of his show horses perished.  Likely an electrical fire, the old wood barn stood little chance once the fire was started.  The horses, varying in value from $10,000 to $60,000 a piece, competed in various shows on the east coast.  With the facility and horse gone, Hahn is now stating that in a few short hours this fire put him completely out of business.

Fireline strongly recommends sprinkler systems to protect facilities such as barns and unsupervised wooden structures.  Currently installing two sprinkler systems in a similar facility, Fireline has the experience and expertise to prevent a tragic fire like this one from spreading.

For more information on the fire at Heritage Farms, click here.

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