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Emergency Communications Systems

Fireline Emergency Communications Systems

Emergency Communications Systems are necessary for many commercial buildings and should always be considered, even when not required by law.

If you own or operate commercial real estate, one of many considerations is emergency preparedness and evacuation. Ensuring that your building is safe for others is important, and there are several safety features you need to have. In addition to emergency exit lighting and professionally designed and maintained fire suppression systems, emergency communications systems are an important addition to your building’s emergency response systems.

In Some Cases, They are Required

The International Building Code (IBC) and NFPA 72 have outlined the specific requirements for fire alarm systems, including emergency communications systems. These systems are required for all high-rise buildings, new construction with an occupant load above 1,000 people, and educational facilities with an occupant load of more than 100 people. These requirements have been put in place to provide necessary direction during an emergency.

Even if they’re not required by law, it is never a bad idea to have emergency communications systems installed. They provide an important method for maintaining occupant safety and ensuring that everyone can escape during an emergency.

They Maintain Order

The main purpose of an emergency communications system is to give information to building occupants and maintain order during an emergency. A pre-recorded message can be set up with the system, or real-time announcements can be made in order to direct occupants to their nearest exit or provide other pertinent information. By offering clear instructions, you can effectively mitigate panic and chaos, allowing people to remain calm and exit the building safely even in less-than-ideal circumstances. 

They are Customized to Your Needs

An emergency communications system isn’t limited to pre-recorded messaging—you can fully customize it to your building and needs. For example, high-rise buildings will need the system to be available on each floor, and each floor can be divided into sub-zones. For each zone, a pre-recorded message can be set up to direct occupants to the nearest exit. These zones allow you to give precise directions to building occupants no matter their location so that they can quickly and easily find the exit and make their way to safety.

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