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Estimating the Cost of a New Fire Sprinkler System

Having a sprinkler system inside your home or business is a critical step that can save your possessions and loved ones.

One of the most important safety protocols for any building is to ensure that it is fully up to fire safety standards, and that means sprinkler systems. Having a sprinkler system inside your home or business is a critical step that can save your possessions and loved ones. As you consider the types of sprinkler systems and your options, you may begin to wonder about the average costs of these life-saving devices. Today, we’ll walk you through some of the standard industry prices. It’s important to remember that while there are standards, you may pay more or less for greater or lower quality as well as by market. Be sure to get a few quotes and check reviews before you fully commit.

Type Of Building 

One of the first factors that affect the price of potential sprinkler installation is the type of building you’ll be working with. It should come as no surprise that the easiest and least expensive time to install a system is when the building is still under construction. This is because the team will still have easy and direct access to everything they need without needing to cut away drywall or other materials. 

Material And Design 

The next aspects that determine sprinkler system price is the material and the design of the piping. Plastic pipes will be the most affordable and the most versatile, there are a few areas where it will benefit you to use other materials, but in general, plastic is a great option. Metal piping is critical for unfinished areas that are at high risk. Last but not least, copper pipes will be the most expensive. There are two main styles of pipe design; standalone or multipurpose. Standalone pipes are used for a system that is dedicated solely to the purpose of a sprinkler, while multipurpose allows the sprinklers to be added to the main water supply pipes.  

System Features 

The more features the most costly the system. There are a variety of different features you can add to your new sprinkler system, including a water storage tank and booster pump. If you are using a well for your water source, the storage tank is a critical component. A backflow preventer is another option, and while it can be quite cost-effective, for commercial systems, the expense can increase rapidly. 

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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