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Investigating Why Fire Alarms Are So Loud

Investigating Why Fire Alarms Are So Loud

Part of the reason that fire alarms are so jarring when they activate is because of their volume. But this is by necessity.

Part of the reason that fire alarms are so jarring when they activate is because of their volume. But this is by necessity. The shrillness and loudness are supposed to startle everyone in the building into action. A quiet fire alarm would be unable to fulfill its purpose. Here is a glance at why fire alarms are designed to be so loud. 

The Loudness

The loudness associated with your fire alarm system is arranged this way for a reason. Please speak to your fire protection partner about which brand they can recommend to you. The National Fire Protection Agency also issues a series of guidelines about fire alarms and other fire protection systems. There are two many types of notification systems: audible and visual. Both are often used in tandem with one another, so a building would rarely be equipped with one or the other. The audible component is delivered via horns and sirens. These devices range between 65 and 120 decibels relative to the person who is standing 10 feet away. The second component of the fire protection system is the visual component. Strobe lights deliver this. These devices flash once every second from anywhere between 15 to 1000 candelas, depending on preconfigured settings. 

Different Volumes

Now for a look at some of the reasons why there could be different volumes. The horns and sirens need to be louder than any other sounds inside the building, whether it has to do with active appliances, heavy machinery, or casual conversations. While restaurants and offices can have quieter settings, industrial plants, and other settings with heavy equipment must veer towards the upper end of the scale. Distance affects volume perception, as does the presence of auditory interference from other factors, such as closed doors or soundproofed rooms. 

Protecting Your Ears

Fortunately, it is much easier to keep your ears protected than you might realize. Covering your ears is an instinctive reaction and a surprisingly effective one at that. Creating an evacuation plan and conducting fire drills that ensure timely escape can also minimize exposure to the loudness of the fire alarms. If you have any doubts, then it is time to have your fire protection partner inspect your system and tweak it before anything catastrophic happens. 

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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