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Fatal Residential Fires: How do Smoke Detection Systems save lives?

Do you own or manage residential buildings? It is important to keep up with fire safety to prevent fatal fires in residential buildings.


Every year the U.S. fire departments report that 1,800 fatal residential building fires happen that cause more than 2,600 deaths, over 700 injuries and $196 million in property loss.


Fatal residential building fires are often more severe in damage than non-fatal residential fires. Predominately people die in residential building fires from smoke. Residents commonly die in bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms.


What is even more alarming is that fatal residential building fires occur late evening and early morning (12am-5am). Studies have revealed that residents, specifically children because they spend more time in a deep sleep cycle than adults, can sleep through smoke alarms and become victims of fatal residential building fires.


Smoke detectors are design to alert residents during a fire emergency.


Here are the leading causes of fatal residential fires:


  • Smoking

  • Electrical Malfunctions

  • Careless actions


More than 67% of fatal residential fires spread beyond the room of origin.


When residents are asleep and unaware of a fire, they are more likely to die because they don’t realize small fires can be just as deadly as large fires.


To protect children and adults from fatal residential fires, residents should map out a detailed evacuation plan.


The Benefits of Smoke Detectors


It’s crucial to fire safety and life safety to have working smoke detectors installed for your residential buildings.


It’s the best way to alert residents of a fire 24-7 because the smoke detectors can scan the air for fire and smoke to immediately alert residents of trouble.


More than 2/3 of residential fire deaths occur because working smoke detectors were not present.


Smoke detectors are available in two types – ionization and photoelectric.


Fireline Corporation is here to install and maintenance ionization smoke alarms, photoelectric smoke alarms or dual sensor smoke alarms for your residential properties today.


Learn about our smoke detection systems.


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