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About Fireworks Fire Safety

4th of July was just a few days ago and tragic reports are already coming in related to unsafe and unlawful usage of fireworks.


Residential and commercial property owners alike should be aware of the dangers of fireworks and how to protect bystanders and property from fire dangers in upcoming holidays that involve fireworks.


Thousands of fires happen every year because of the mishandling of fireworks.


Bottle rockets, mortars and roman candles are notorious for creating devastating property loss.


Anytime you use legal fireworks for your commercial business, use licensed booth fireworks.


Buying fireworks from a licensed booth will guarantee that all your fireworks are legal fireworks and support the community with every purchase.


In no shape or form should your business allow children to play with fireworks, not even sparklers. The U.S. Fire Administration revealed that children make up 40% of firework injuries.


The most serious of injuries related to fireworks are ones that happen from late ignition.


For utmost safety, light fireworks one by one and keep a source of water close at hand. Or hire professional pyrotechnics for public events.


Here are some fire safety tips for handling fireworks:


  • Follow instructions step by step. Never re-light any type of firework.

  • Always ignite fireworks outdoors.

  • Keep fireworks off of grass to prevent grass fires

  • Have a fire extinguisher handy for all fireworks activities.

  • Remove leaves and all flammable material from building gutters prior to using fireworks.


Fireline Corporation is here to make every holiday a safe holiday.


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Fireline has provided fire extinguishers and portable extinguisher service for more than 60 years. Our salesmen are trained to access the building occupancy, the potential fire hazards and the anticipated class of fire before recommending the proper type and size of extinguishers required to meet codes.


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