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Fire Safety: The dangers of Laptops in Dorms

It is mid-July. Students across the nation are participating in camp and later in August will be headed back to college dorms.


There are many risks that come with dorm housing – including laptop fires.


Every year colleges throughout the nation experience laptops on beds catching on fire.


It only takes one laptop catching on fire to cause tens of thousands of dollars in fire damage for college housing.

How do laptops on beds start fires?


When laptops are placed on beds, the batteries can over heat and catch blankets and comforters on fire. It is not recommended to have laptops on bed for 16 to 18 hours a day. If you’re not using your laptop, turn it off or put it on sleep mode. The safest place to store a laptop is on a desk clear from paper and other potential fire hazards.


Laptop fires spread rapidly so it is important to teach occupants about evacuations.


Laptops without recalled batteries are most common for laptop fires, especially when operating on soft bedding.


Students should always have proper ventilation for their laptops. The best surface for laptop ventilation is a hard surface so air can naturally cool the machine. Students may also want to purchase fans to cool their machine.


If a dorm fire is caused by laptop, the first lines of defense are automatic sprinklers. Early warning fire systems should also be in close proximity, such as fire alarms to help students in dorms safely evacuate.


Aware students of the dangers heat producing items can cause in dorms to maintain quality fire safety for college campuses.


At the beginning of the school year it is crucial to inform students that leaving anything hot, like a laptop, on something combustible always poses a fire risk.


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