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The Benefits of Fire Alarms for Shopping Malls

Do you own a mall or rent a store within a mall? Malls are very popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. Many people can’t resist retail therapy.


However the more popular a mall becomes to tourists and locals, the higher the fire risks become.


Malls feature clothing stores, eateries and entertainment options that use and store potential fire hazard equipment.


Having reliable fire detection systems and fire alarms installed in shopping malls will guarantee that mall occupants have the earliest fire warnings and have ample time to safely evacuate.


When having fire alarms installed for shopping malls, you must identify high-risk areas and review the building layout for the best evacuation routes.


You should also keep in mind the importance of early smoke detection. Smoke detectors can protect shopping malls from devastating fire damage and loss of life by detecting visible and invisible smoke particles. Fireline Corporation can install ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors for shopping malls.


It is especially important that the atria areas have smoke detectors because those areas are hard to access, even with service equipment.


Dual smoke detectors are the best options for shopping mall smoke detectors because sunlight exposure, dust or pests do not affect this type of smoke detector.


Fireline Corporation is here to install your fire alarms, smoke detectors and mass notification systems to keep shoppers, employees and property safe from the dangers of fire.


Testing has revealed that automatic fire detection systems combined with other early warning fire systems can significantly reduce:

  • Commercial property damage

  • Injuries

  • And loss of life during a fire emergency.


The perfect fire protection systems for your shopping mall will all depend on the mall structure and overall building use.


Fireline will complete a fire risk assessment prior to installing any type of fire protection system.


We design, install and service all fire protection systems in MD, DC, VA and PA.


Call The Fireline Corporation today at 800-553-3405 for all your Fire Protection needs. Ask us about Mass Notification Systems and Air Sampling Systems as well.


Fireline a Maryland corporation founded in 1947 by John S. Waters. Fireline remains a pioneer in the fledgling fire equipment distribution business and we have grown to encompass all facets of fire protection. We can design, install, inspect, or service any type of fire protection system. From fire alarm to fire extinguishers, we do it all.

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