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Fire Protection Suppression Systems

Are you a new restaurant business owner? It’s important that you protect your investment by being aware of potential fire hazards and setting in place fire protection systems. An essential fire protection system you will need for your restaurant is a kitchen hood fire suppression system. It’s important to have this fire protection system for your commercial kitchen because it is designed to protect your restaurant from kitchen fires.


You should have the kitchen hood fire suppression system inspected two times a year to make sure it’s properly used and maintenance. Fireline’s technicians will perform inspections and maintenance on your fire suppression system to keep your restaurant current on fire safety precautions.

What is the most common cause for commercial kitchen fires? The answer is cooking grease because it’s extremely flammable. Once a grease fire happens, it can engulf everything in the kitchen, from the stoves to the walls. Don’t worry; prior to installing your kitchen hood fire suppression system, Fireline technicians will develop a fire protection system tailored to your specific commercial kitchen needs.


It’s important that your fire suppression systems address your biggest commercial kitchen fire threats to provide the most effective fire safety measurements. We also recommend that you have fire extinguishers readily available inside your commercial kitchen that combat Class D and K fires. Class D and K fires occur when metals, cooking oils and fats combust. The best fire extinguishers for commercial kitchens are wet chemical agents. The wet chemical fire extinguishers will remove the oxygen from the kitchen fire at the source of the fire. When oxygen is removed from a fire, the fire temperature is lowered and gives fire fighters the opportunity to safely put out the fire.


About Fireline’s Restaurant Hood Suppression Systems

Here at Fireline we understand that commercial restaurant kitchens are equipped with highly flammable ranges, broilers, fryers and ovens.  We understand cooks and waiters will come in and out the kitchens. One bad error could cause loss of life and unrecoverable property damage. You can best protect your commercial restaurant from kitchen fires by having pre-engineered wet chemical fire suppression systems installed. Our Fireline pre-engineered restaurant hoods feature an exhaust hood and duct fires. Our pre-engineered restaurant hood wet chemical systems have suppressed kitchen fires for numerous Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia & DC restaurants. You can count on us to do the same for your restaurant, in the case of a fire emergency.


Our highly qualified fire protection contractors will not only design and install your restaurant hood fire suppression systems, but our technicians will also provide your business semi-annual inspections. The annual inspections of your restaurant hood suppression systems will include fusible link replacement so you know you are in good hands in the event of a kitchen fire.


Here are some tips on preventing kitchen fires:

  • Have your kitchen equipment covered by the restaurant hood suppression system to minimize fire damage in the case of a fire emergency. You should also have automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarms installed in the kitchen.

  • Regularly clean the exhaust system of your kitchen to protect the exhaust system from grease and oil buildup.

  • When kitchen appliances are not in use, unplug them to protect your kitchen from electrical fires.

  • Teach your staff how to properly use portable fire extinguishers. It’s important to be ready than sorry. You should also have a fire evacuation plan set in place. Have practice drills as well.

Ask us about our Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher and Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers to learn more information about our fire protection products and services.


Call the Fireline Corporation today at 800-553-3405 or click here for all your fire protection system needs. Ask us about our fire alarm systems and Fire Extinguisher Service to create an effective fire safety plan today.


Fireline a Maryland corporation founded in 1947 by John S. Waters. Fireline remains a pioneer in the fledgling fire equipment distribution business and we have grown to encompass all facets of fire protection. We can design, install, inspect, or service any type of fire protection system. From fire alarm to fire extinguishers, we do it all.

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