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How to prevent Turkey Fryer Fires During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here in no time. If you are planning a big feast for your staff, it’s important to keep fire safety in mind. You need to be especially aware of fire safety when deep-frying a turkey.


As you may know, you cannot deep-fry a turkey indoors, you have to do it outdoors but there are still fire hazards you need to be aware of outdoors. A common mistake cooks make when deep-frying a turkey is to use the turkey fryer on a wooden deck.


You should also never fry a turkey that’s not fully thawed. Remember, it takes 24 hours to completely thaw 5 pounds of turkey. If your turkey is not fully thawed when you place it inside your turkey fryer, you could put yourself in a life-threatening situation. For example, an 86-year-old man deep-fried his leg when he tried to deep fry over 20 turkeys. As he was deep frying the turkeys, 30 quarts of hot oil spilled on him and left him with third degree burns.


We recommend following these safety tips while deep-frying your turkey:


  • Set up the turkey fryer outdoors and away from your facility. Do not set up the turkey fryer in close proximity to combustible materials.

  • Never place your turkey fryer on a wooden deck. It only takes one major oil spill to engulf your entire deck.

  • Always place the turkey fryer on a flat surface to prevent tipping and never leave your turkey fryer unattended.

  • Never overfill the turkey fryer with oil.

  • Use insulated oven mitts to safely handle the turkey fryer and always wear safety goggles.

  • Never mix oil and water together. The two mixed together could cause a fire explosion.


To protect property and public safety, purchase all-purpose fire extinguishers. You should never use water to extinguish a grease fire or electrical related fire. It’s perfectly safe to use all-purpose fire extinguishers on a fire that’s manageable. Once a fire gets out of hand, call the fire department immediately.


It’s important to life and property to follow life safety/ fire safety guidelines for turkey fryers. Every year turkey fryers destroy property because people do not follow safety precautions. Anytime your turkey fryer is hot, it’s a danger to public safety. It’s recommended that at least two people attend a turkey fryer at a time. It only takes a few minutes for turkey fryer fire to happen and the cost on average $71,000+ or more. A hot turkey fryer that’s too hot can catch on fire and explode at any time. Turkey fryers usually shoot out vertical flames.


Use your turkey fryer with care this holiday season and read the instructions carefully to enjoy a delicious meal, while keeping life and property safe.


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