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Fire Sprinkler System Facts


Fire safety is nothing new in today’s society. Anyone who owns or manages a commercial building understands the importance of having a fire sprinkler system installed in the building. However, many of us only know some basic information about the fire sprinkler system that protects us everyday. Here are some facts about fire sprinkler systems.

Do you know when the first sprinkler system was first invented? Henry S. Parmalee created the first sprinkler back in 1874 in order to protect his piano factory from fires. In fact, a fire sprinkler system was used for the sole purpose of protecting the building from fire damage, instead of saving lives that were occupying the building. However, during the 1940s, America saw commercial building fires break out that took the lives of many civilians, which led to the invention of an automatic fire sprinkler system. These fires included:

  • The Coconut Grove Nightclub in Boston in 1942- 492 lives lost
  • The LaSalle Hotel in Chicago in 1946- 61 lives lost
  • The Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta in 1946- 119 lives lost


As time has gone on, building codes for commercial buildings have required an automatic fire sprinkler system to be installed to ensure the safety of building occupants.

So why is a fire sprinkler system so effective at saving lives? A fire sprinkler system not only alerts occupants of a fire, but keeps the fire contained and small. A sprinkler system is activated in the same area as the fire, and either water or foam is used to contain the flames while occupants evacuate the building. The National Fire Protection Association has created standards for fire sprinkler systems that companies use when designing and installing their systems. A fire sprinkler system should be installed throughout the building instead of only certain areas of a building to ensure full safety and function.



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