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Heat Shields for Firefighters

Fire-fighters-heat-shieldFirefighters across the nation may soon experience the benefits of NASA technology. NASA has developed materials that are able to withstand the high heats of space, and those materials are potentially being used to help firefighters within the field with new shelters and clothing.

The latest materials being created by NASA are being made more flexible, which allows them to be used in other scenarios. Currently the Forest Service, which is a branch of the United States Department of Agriculture, is partnering with the Langley Research Center of NASA to determine if suits can be created from the material for firefighters. Wildfires can reach up to extreme temperatures, which can make battling the fires dangerous, and sometimes fatal, for firefighters.

Shelters are also developed for firefighters who get trapped in the inferno. Currently, aluminum cloths are used to provide shelter for firefighters from the high heat and flames. However, this material can only withstand the heat and flame of the fires for so long until they are overcome by the intense flames. It is believed that the material developed by NASA could provide a safer shelter for those fighting wildfires.

A team was formed by NASA and the Forestry Service called the Convective Heating for Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters. This team, also known as the Chiefs, will test 12 shelters this upcoming year to determine the effectiveness of the materials. There will be three test burns held in Edmonton, Canada to test the materials.

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