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How can Low Frequency Audible Fire Alarms Improve Dormitory Safety?

You are a facility manager at a college or university. As the summer session approaches and less students are on campus, it’s a good time to have your fire alarms and other fire safety applications inspected. It is especially important to inspect fire alarms and fire safety applications in dormitories. Fire alarms that have low frequency sounders are best to use for commercial sleeping corridors.


In fact, The  National Fire Alarm Signaling Code has implemented this year that the 520 Hz low frequency audible fire alarm must be installed in all commercial sleeping spaces for dormitories or hotel rooms.


How will this change in NFPA 72 affect your dormitory space? There’s been a great deal of confusion related to this NFPA 72 change as the wording varies from the 2010 and 2013 editions. To give you a clearer understanding, it’s required that low frequency audible fire alarms are installed in commercial sleeping corridors to alert build occupants of an emergency in the midst of their slumber. The fire alarm will not only save lives, but it can also reduce the likelihood of costly property damage.


The low frequency audible fire alarms do not only benefit people with a hearing impairment because  some people do not know they have some degree of hearing impairment. It’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact the fire alarm system can help those with alcohol impairments or those that have difficulty waking up out of their sleep ( deep sleepers).


It is important to know that low frequency signals are not required for hallways of the dormitories or any commercial sleeping space. Studies reveal that low frequency signals are 60% more likely to wake up heavy sleepers, children, the hearing impaired and other groupings than high pitched fire alarms that operate at 3 kilohertz. 520 Hz low frequency fire alarms can be used in variety of commercial sleeping spaces. Here are just a few:


  • College dormitories
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Assistant living


Fireline Corporation is here to keep your college campus safe and sound with reliable, effective fire alarms. We can help you improve the public education for fire safety on campus as well. High quality fire alarms save lives and give building occupants the chance to escape burning buildings.


You can learn more about our services by reading our blog , reviewing our fire systems/ fire alarms and having a look at our fire protection services.


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