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What is the value of a fully Integrated Emergency Communication System?

Earlier this month, Fireline hosted its fire alarm vendor, Notifier, for a seminar tailored to end users and engineers on Emergency Communication Systems (ECS).

Attendees wanted to know what ECS included and how it relates to the fire alarm system.  ECS is a way to communicate with people to give them specific instructions for emergency situations.  All too often we hear news reports of shootings or weather emergencies affecting communities.

Imagine taking your existing fire alarm system and adding features like being able to send customized voice messages to communicate with people, or picking up a microphone remotely with live streaming audio capability.  How about scrolling LED signage that displays information on what to do in the case of an emergency situation?

Notifier showed attendees that these components are already built into their fire alarm systems, making it easy to have ECS become a part of a facility’s emergency protocols. A fire alarm system gives us a feeling of comfort knowing that we will be notified of a fire. Shouldn’t the same comfort level exist for all emergencies?

Fireline and Notifier have partnered on many installations of ECS in many large campuses in Maryland and DC. The presentation was a great opportunity to show others the value of a fully integrated Emergency Communication System.

Read up on our Mass Notification Systems and Fire Protection Design and Engineering to learn how Emergency Communication Systems ( ECS) can benefit your facility.

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