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How can Fire Alarms Improve my Building Safety?


Did you know most Americans never heard of smoke alarms until the 1960’s? Since then, smoke alarms are a fire safety requirement for both residential and commercial properties.


The smoke alarm law makes it mandatory that smoke alarms be installed in all new and existing properties for utmost fire and life safety. There are many benefits smoke alarms offer to the public as the fire alarm systems are low cost and highly effective.


Smoke alarms are one of the best early warning systems for fire protection and alerts. The design of smoke alarms grant building occupants the time to save their lives during a fire emergency because the early warning can give them the chance to escape a burning building.


It’s important to have smoke alarms properly installed and regularly maintained by a fire protection technician because you never know when a fire will happen. Fire fatalities are drastically reduced because smoke alarms are great fire safety features that tremendously prevent fire fatalities when integrated with high quality fire alarm systems, firestops and overall fire protection products.


Where should smoke alarms be installed?


Smoke alarms should be installed and tested on every level of a building to save lives from deadly gases. Remember, smoke rises and most fire related deaths are caused by smoke and toxic gases. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Most people do not die from fire burns. 60 to 80% of fire related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation injury that come from combusted products. Fortunately, fire-related deaths are preventable.


Every year in the United States, 2,755 people die from fires, but those lives can be saved when smoke alarms are properly used. Smoke masks and smoke hoodies on-site can also save lives in the event of a fire.


When you hear any type of smoke detector/ smoke alarm sounding off, you need to immediately evacuate. Anytime a smoke alarm goes off, people are in danger because the smoke alarm is detecting smoke and toxic fumes in the air. Once smoke and toxic fumes are in the air, the elements spread fast.


Fireline Corporation is here to help your building occupants escape quickly and safely in the event of a fire with our high quality smoke alarms and overall fire alarm systems.


Smoke alarms are one of the most affordable and effective ways to prevent fire injuries and save lives. The smoke alarms Fireline Corporation installs for commercial properties instantly trace smoke particles and gases. You can both ionization smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms installed at your facility.


The ionization smoke alarms detect fire flames the quickest. The photoelectric alarms can effectively detect smoldering fires. Photoelectric are most effective in environments such as commercial kitchens and dormitories because the smoke alarm is not as sensitive to steam as ionization alarms.


Take a look at our smoke alarms, fire alarms, fire protection systems and fire protection products and services to get started on improving your fire safety today.




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