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Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to deciding which sprinkler system to use in your facility, you have several options. It is useful to first evaluate the area in which the sprinkler system is going to be installed. This will help you determine what type of system you will need. One of the options for a sprinkler system in a facility that contains water sensitive material is a pre-action sprinkler system.

A pre-action sprinkler system is similar to some systems because it uses the same concept as a dry pipe system, meaning that the water for the sprinkler isn’t kept in the piping. The water for this system is instead held within a valve that is operated electronically. The operation of the valve is based on the detection of smoke, heat, or flames.

So how does a pre-action sprinkler system work in comparison to other systems? This sprinkler system runs on what you could consider a two-step process. Two separate events must take place in order for the sprinkler system to activate. One event that needs to happen in order for the sprinkler system to activate is the valve must detect a fire and then open. The second event that needs to happen is the separate sprinkler heads must release in order for water to flow through.

In some instances, most commonly found in freezer warehouses, nitrogen or pressurized air can be added to the piping to keep water in place should the valves be opened accidentally. This sprinkler system is useful in areas where its occupants are water sensitive, such as an office with lots of electrical equipment, because of the added level of protection against unintended activation. Should a “fire” be falsely detected, both steps must first work together in order for water to actually be released.

At Fireline, we specialize in the installation of Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems. We have been serving the residents of the Baltimore area in all of their sprinkler system needs since 1947, and we continue to grow and expand as new technology is discovered to improve the sprinkler system industry.

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