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How Fire Alarm Systems Save Lives And Prevent Commercial Business Loss

Are you in need of reliable Fire Alarm Systems within your building property? If yes, Fireline Corporation is here to tell you about the advances of Fire Alarm Systems that will help save lives and prevent commercial loss on your property if a fire occurs. Read to learn how fire alarm systems can protect your business and business occupants.

Before alarm systems came into place, the only fire alert system mainly used in the commercial industry were smoke detectors. Smoke detectors purpose was only to alert occupants that somewhere in a building there may be a fire and with that information occupants could only call the fire department to minimize the loss of property and life.

Now, fire alarm systems have greatly advanced to improve diagnostics that alert business owners, monitoring agencies and fire departments of true alarms rather than false alarms.

The advancement in fire alarm systems have now made addressable heads, touch screen and touchpad panel help accurately detect and locate fires.

Addressable heads, unlike smoke detectors, avoid displaying general locations of fire and identifying a generic zone. Smoke detectors may be effective to identify fires in small businesses but for larger businesses, addressable heads are more reliable because the heads can alert occupants exactly where in a storage facility, school, hospital facility a fire is located. It can also identify whether the building is occupied when a fire happens. This system can be a lifesaver and greatly helps in the prevention of commercial loss.

Fire Alarm System indicator appliances can also trigger electromagnetic door holders to effectively secure and isolate sections of a building and slow down the advancement of a fire.

Fire Alarm systems are available for touch panels and touchpad screens to simplify the user interface and make it easier to train employees to use and understand fire alarm and security systems.

To best protect your commercial business or institution, invest in a new fire alarm control system or update your existing alarm system today with Fireline Corporation.

Fireline’s professional staff provides design, installation, programming and training of automatic detection and fire alarm systems to protect a wide variety of standard and special hazards systems. All system designs are reviewed by NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified technicians, a recognized standard of excellence. In addition, all field personnel are factory trained on products. This ensures the very best service for our customers, from project concept to acceptance testing. In fact, in 2009, Fireline was recognized as Notifer’s Distributor of the Year.

Build fire alarm systems range from small conventional systems, to large computer based intelligent, networked systems. Fireline Corporation can provide analysis, design, and installation of systems best suited to provide a reliable, code compliant and cost effective solution. Fireline also can furnish and install mass notification alerting systems for commercial, industrial and educational facilities. Review our Fire Alarm Systems.

We are a Maryland corporation founded in 1947 by John S. Waters. Fireline remains a pioneer in the fledgling fire equipment distribution business and we have grown to encompass all facets of fire protection. Our Totally Integrated Protection Solutions provide you with a wide variety of services. We can design, install, inspect, or service any type of fire protection system. From fire alarm to fire extinguisher, we do it all.

If you have any questions about Fire Alarm Systems, fire equipment, or other Fireline products and services, contact Fireline by calling 410.247.1422 or click here today!

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Source: Fire Alarm Systems – Advances in Fire Alarms Will Help Save Lives and Prevent Commercial Loss

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