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Restaurant Fire Protection: The Benefits Of Wet Chemical And Water Sprinkler Systems

Do you know what unique features Wet Chemical Pre-Engineered Restaurant Systems and Water Sprinkler Systems offer you for fire protection? If you do not this article will provide you information on the benefits you can gain by installing both systems in your restaurant. Read to learn about these invaluable fire systems.

The Benefits of Wet Chemical Systems

Wet Chemical Pre-Engineered Restaurant Systems are the most recognized fire suppression systems in the fire protection industry. The Wet Chemical Pre-engineered fire suppression system was made to provide fire protection for commercial kitchen hoods, ducts and appliances.

The Wet Chemical Pre-engineered systems are beneficial for restaurant fire protection because the Wet Chemical Systems respond swiftly to suppress fires without reigniting fires. They will never cause discharge overflow or take long to recharge. Nor do they require freeze protection of any kind because the systems are dry pipe systems. The Wet Chemical Systems will provide complete protection to all hazards simultaneously, making it a state-of-the-art fire protection system for restaurant applications.

Although Wet Chemical Pre-engineered systems are highly effective for tackling commercial kitchen fires, you should always have fire sprinklers in the commercial kitchen because they can offer a great deal of benefits to protecting property and lives.

The Benefits of Water Sprinkler Systems

Water Sprinklers are becoming more and more reliable over the last 30 years for protecting lives and property. Sprinklers have an unlimited source and large quantity of water to follow through successfully fire extinguishment and securing of restaurant hazards.

The water sprinkler systems extinguish fires by smothering, producing steam and cooling down the source of fires. They also remain active until the fire department or person of authority arrives to make sure the fire is completely extinguished.

Not only are water sprinkles reliable fire systems that save property and lives but they make fire suppression systems more affordable because they need no manual actuation to function.

Water Sprinklers perform, as they are intended to perform, when properly installed and maintenance – being 96% to 99% percent effective. Maintenance of water sprinklers means preventing the occurrence of Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC), which form pinhole leaks in the supply pipes of sprinklers. Pinholes form from bacteria attacking and corroding pipes and loosing material to clog sprinkler heads.

Although both fire systems have great advantages, it is always best not to rely solely on one for fire protection. To avoid unnecessary death and destruction, install both Wet Chemical Systems and Water Sprinkler Systems in your restaurant commercial kitchen.

Get your proper fire systems installed today with Fireline Corporation.

Commercial restaurant kitchens are equipped with ranges, broilers, fryers and ovens. These appliances, when combined with high temperatures and cooking oils, provide an ideal environment for a fire.

The best protections against restaurant fires are the installation of a pre-engineered wet chemical restaurant suppression system and the installment of a water sprinkler system.

Our pre-engineered restaurant hood wet chemical systems have successfully suppressed many restaurant cooking equipment, exhaust hood and duct fires and are the industry standard. Re-engineered wet chemical systems have pre-determined flow rates and quantities of extinguishing agent, as well as the specific pipe sizes and number and types of nozzles prescribed by the manufacturer. It is vitally important to have these systems designed installed by a qualified fire protection contractor. Semi-annual inspections, including fusible link replacement, are also important factors to ensure proper operation in the event of a fire.

Ask us about our Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher and Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers and Sprinklers for the best commercial restaurant kitchen safety.

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Source: Wet Chemical Pre-Engineered Restaurant Systems and Water Sprinkler Systems: A Comparison

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