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Important Fire Protection Tips For Schools

Learn about the important fire protection tips for schools.

Learn about the important fire protection tips for schools.

Whether you work in an elementary school or at a private university, school faculty members all have a vested interest in the safety of their students. Having proper fire protection in every building and classroom is essential for keeping students safe in the event of a fire, as well as having prepared faculty members who know what to do in an emergency.

Know The Fire Risks

Everyone who works in a school building should know the fire risks and should have fire prevention training. According to the National Fire Protection Association’s most recent report with information from 2009-2013, the majority of educational building fires occurred in schools at the preschool to the high school level. Surprisingly, intentionally set fires were the leading cause of fires in all educational properties, accounting for 38 percent. In office buildings, the kitchen is often the leading cause of fires, but 30 percent of fires in schools began in the bathroom or locker room, while only 20 percent started in the kitchen or cooking area. These statistics show that fires are more often caused on purpose rather than by accident, and are typically started by students rather than faculty.

Fire Protection Systems

Many fire protection systems should be used in all educational buildings to ensure safety for students by extinguishing fires as well as allowing for a safe evacuation. A few crucial fire protection systems include:

Fire alarms: Fire alarms are the first line of defense for a fire, and are essential for alerting everyone in the building of an emergency as quickly as possible. Thinking back to your days in school, you may remember that students were annoyed with fire drills and having to wait outside in the cold. However, fire drills are extremely important in schools, especially with younger children who wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency if they hadn’t already practiced the situation. Fire drills show kids the importance of having a plan to get out of the building quickly and meeting in a safe spot to know that everyone is accounted for.

Fire extinguishers: Did you know that in 80 percent of cases, a fire extinguisher used by a properly trained person can successfully put out a fire? Safety training is very important for all buildings, as having people who know how to use the fire extinguisher safely improve the chances of putting out a fire.

Fire sprinkler systems: Fire sprinkler systems are another essential fire protection system for schools at all times, as they can save the building from a fire even when no one is inside. In fact, the NFPA reports that property damage caused by fires is 62 percent lower in schools with wet pipe sprinklers.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Fireline

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