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Preventing Common Workplace Fire Hazards

Learn how to prevent common workplace fire hazards.

Learn how to prevent common workplace fire hazards.

Fire protection systems such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers are essential for keeping your workplace safe, but training your employees is another huge part of fire prevention. Many of the most common workplace fire hazards are due to employees being careless or uninformed with proper fire prevention. Continue reading to learn about the most common workplace fire hazards and how they can be prevented.

Electrical Faults

Precautions should always be taken with machinery and electrical equipment, as they are common sources of workplace fires. Communicate with your employees about the dangers of electrical fires and a few tips on how to avoid any hazards. Look at for overloaded surge protectors, personal space heaters, and electronics that are plugged in at the end of the day when they could be left unplugged. Let employees know that appliances with over 3000 watts should not be run from a single socket.

Faulty electrical wires are one of the most common fire hazards, and may result from not having electrical equipment tested on a regular basis. Signs of faulty electrical equipment includes loose cables, damaged plus, or inconsistent equipment.


You may see clutter in the office as a slight inconvenience, but in the event of a fire, clutter can be extremely dangerous. Rooms filled with stacks of papers, boxes, or types of equipment all over the floor are actually a safety hazard. These materials not only fuel fires and allow flames to spread more rapidly, but may also block exits or emergency paths out of the building. Rather than simply instructing employees to clean up the mess, explain how much of a fire hazard their it is and how it could affect their exit from a building fire.

Human Error

As stated above, some fire hazards are caused by employees either being careless or uninformed about fire safety. A majority of office fires start in the kitchen, whether it is by burning food in the microwave or leaving food unattended on the stove top. Smoking is also a dangerous workplace fire hazard if an employee smokes around flammable materials or is negligent and discards a cigarette that was not appropriately extinguished. Workplace fire prevention can never be overstated and is worth taking extra time to properly train employees on common fire hazards that can be avoided.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Fireline

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