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Telecommunication Fire Hazard Preventions: Clean Agents

If you are a manager of a telecommunication facility, you know it’s vital to your business continuity and you will need proper fire safety and life safety systems installed.

Relying on computers, servers, and other technology can make your business very vulnerable to service interruption.
If the telecommunication system fails, all your transit information will inevitably be lost. When this occurs your business will experience a high revenue loss. Why? Because fires and other telecommunication hazards are not simply financial expenses but also add to the total cost of downtime.

After a fire disaster, a telecommunication center is likely to experience productivity losses, customer disruption, reputation damage, loss of data and records and lawsuits.

However with the right fire protection, you can reduce your chances of major property damage and downtime cost.
Clean agents are great fire protection solutions for telecommunication centers when water based fire suppression systems of wet pipe or pre-action sprinklers are likely to do more harm than good.

Water based fire suppression systems are beneficial for fire confinement and controlling ceiling temperatures. This form of fire extinguishment helps prevent structural damage and the spread of a fire.

However water based fire suppression systems can create severe water damage to electronics and electrical systems. Water damage can be worse than fire damage when water based fire suppression systems are used to fight off a fire that starts within a electrical systems facility.

Clean Agents are gaseous, quick fire extinguishers that work best in this type of environment. They limit fire damage and add no collateral damage because the agents leave no residue or require clean up.

The clean agents can reach the source of fires located in hidden areas such as cabinets and racks.

The clean agents come in halocarbon and halogen. The agents are electrically non-conductive and they can handle Class A, Class B, and Class C fire hazards.

Sprinklers and other water based fire suppression systems can be used in your telecommunication system but avoid locating them in mission critical parts of the facility.

Clean agents are worth the initial costs and will serve your facility appropriately where water based fire suppression systems cannot.

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