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The Benefits of Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Why is Air Sampling Smoke Detector use important for fire safety and life safety?

Air Sampling Smoke Detector use is important to fire safety and life safety because early smoke awareness can alert building occupants of a possible fire.

Standard Smoke detectors come in three types: 

  1. Photoelectric. This type of smoke detector system is good for picking up slow building fires that could result from items such as a lit cigarette.
  2. Ionization. This smoke detector can protect your building and building occupants from sudden combustible fires such as grease fires with high flames.
  3. Dual Sensor. This is a combination of photoelectric and ionization smoke detector systems. This smoke detector system is highly recommended because you never know what type of fire could spark within your commercial building. Reliable early warning detection is crucial to extending life saving reaction time for fire safety action.

Air sampling smoke detectors are photoelectric detectors that detect minute particles generated by the products of combustion and are approximately 1000 times more sensitive than standard ionization or photoelectric spot smoke detectors. When properly designed, installed, and maintained, these systems can detect fire in its earliest stages with minimal nuisance alarms.

Air sampling detectors will sample your building air 24/7 to provide you the best early warning detection to buy you time for investigating fire danger, damage and disruption from imminent fire hazards.

It’s important to know when there’s a fire in your commercial building because your business has high value assets and equipment that are difficult to replace at affordable pricing.

The air sampling can monitor any changes in room air that could be early signs of combustion prior to the visibility of smoke. This early detection will alert personnel and avoiding costly suppression system discharges and downtime.

Fireline’s Air Sampling Detection Systems will provide your commercial business the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire by taking continuous air samples.

Learn about the benefits of Fireline Corporation’s Air Sampling Detection Systems today.

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