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The Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression Systems

Are you an environmentally conscious business? If you want to become a reputable environmentally conscious business, your fire protection system should feature environmentally friendly fire suppression systems. This article will provide tips on how to become a more environmentally friendly business by implementing environmentally friendly fire suppression systems in your commercial business building design.

Three words should come to mind when selecting environmentally friendly fire suppression systems – conserve, reuse and recycle.

When every business decision considers how to conserve, reuse and recycle, becoming more environmentally conscious in action will inevitably happen.

Here are ways to make your fire suppression systems as environmentally friendly as possible:

  1. Efficiently use water. This can be accomplished with water mist fire suppression systems, which are more effective than fire sprinkler systems.  The water mist fire suppression systems are flexible in range of pressures and flows to provide excellent performance and high functionality. Water mist fire suppression systems can increase fire protection for your commercial business because water can absorb heat and expand water droplets when different pressure and nozzle designs are offered. The water mist fire suppression systems will use lower volumes of water than fire sprinkler systems.
  2. Use Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems because gaseous fire suppression systems are available to cover a variety of fire risks while being mindful of environmental elements, physical constraints, and building design. Inert gaseous fire suppression systems never have to directly come in contact with a fire such as Argonite and Inergen which lower oxygen to help extinguish fires indirectly. Argonite and Inergen are also beneficial passive agents because they do not contribute to global warming.
  3. Educate your staff about greener work production and how to prevent commercial fires.

Fireline Corporation takes pride in the diversity of the fire protection systems we design, install and service. Review our Fire Suppression Systems to learn about our environmentally friendly fire protection systems.

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