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The Benefits Of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Flammable fuels can be very difficult to transport, store and handle because they are considered high hazard under the fire protection classification. It is necessary when carrying such hazardous materials, that you have on hand fast response types of fire fighting equipment available at a place of work when it comes to protecting property from fires started by flammable fuels. Portable wheeled fire extinguishers are quick and effective extinguishment solutions you can utilize to protect your property from the high hazard of flammable fuels. This article will provide you information about the benefits of using portable wheeled fire extinguishers.

Wheeled fire extinguishers can be operated safely and easily operated by anyone at any time. These extinguishers come in a variety of model sizes that feature the extinguishing agents of carbon dioxide, dry chemical, halons, dry powder, and AFFF- type foam pre-mix solutions.

The wheeled fire extinguishers have the ability to contain greater extinguishing agent capacities, deliver higher agent flow rates, provide additional fire fighting ranges, and extend discharge times.

These abilities are tremendously valuable for emergency situations. Here is why wheeled extinguishers are property and life saving equipment:


When the cylinder valve of a self-expelling wheeled extinguisher is open, its agent vapor pressure will help the carbon dioxide agent travel up a pick-up tube and discharge onto a fire.

Stored Pressure

With stored pressure, the extinguishing agent and expellant gas source can discharge onto the fire. It does this with its operating valve internal pressure forcing the extinguishing agent up the pick-up tube, the configuration of the wheeled extinguisher makes it one of the most affordable fire extinguishing choices.

Pressure Transfer

This type of wheeled extinguisher has separate extinguishing agent and expellant gas cylinders. The pressure in the open valve permits the extinguishing agent to travel up the tank pick-up tube to discharge on to the fire. It is quick to recharge while tackling a fire.

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Source: Understanding and Selecting Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

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