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The Use Of Carbon Dioxide In Fire Suppression Systems

Have you ever wondered why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used in fire suppression systems? If yes, we are here to tell you why.

CO2 is something animals and plants alike produce when carbon from food and oxygen from the air combine to create energy and heat for life functions.

Plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere to reduce carbon dioxide back into carbon compounds while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. The process maintains a balance of oxygen and CO2 in the atmosphere.

The Use Of Carbon Dioxide For A Fire Suppression Agent

There are many advantages CO2 can offer to fire extinguishing purposes. Portable C02 extinguishers can be used on electrical wiring and equipment. A fire can only happen when fuel, oxygen and heat are present.

The C02 extinguishes the fire by attacking fuel, oxygen and heat. It mainly attacks oxygen to extinguish a burning fire. However, in a deep-seated fire C02 extinguishes the fire by removing oxygen and decreasing gaseous phase of the fuel.

There are two ways to apply CO2 in fire suppression. One method is Total Flooding, which is when an enclosure is filled with CO2 vapor to combat surface-type (liquid fuels) and deep-seated fires. The second method is local application, which can only extinguish surface fires in flammable liquids, gases, and shallow solids (dip tanks, spray booths, printing presses and quench tanks). Local application directs CO2 to the localized fire hazard.

The 2 Types Of CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

There are two types of CO2 Fire suppression systems – high pressure CO2 and low-pressure CO2 systems. The systems are different from one another because the carbon dioxide is stored differently in the systems.

The high-pressure system has DOT spun steel storage cylinders that are kept at room temperature.

The low-pressure system maintains the CO2 with a refrigerated pressure vessel.

The high-pressure system can cover small hazards through out a facility. The low-pressure system can cover average to large size hazards.

Carbon Dioxide (CO²) systems reduce the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion becomes impossible. Fireline Corporation has been providing these systems for over 30 years and is known as the region’s leader in special hazards and clean agent suppression technology.

We are a Maryland corporation founded in 1947 by John S. Waters. Fireline remains a pioneer in the fledgling fire equipment distribution business and we have grown to encompass all facets of fire protection. Our Totally Integrated Protection Solutions provide you with a wide variety of services. We can design, install, inspect, or service any type of fire protection system. From fire alarm to fire extinguisher, we do it all.

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Source: Why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Fire Suppression Systems?

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