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What are the benefits of Novec1230?

Are you searching for a reliable fire suppression gas to protect data centers, museums or equipment from being destroyed or jeopardized by water from an automatic sprinkler system?


There is a fire suppression gas that can protect your valuables. This fire suppression gas is called Novec1230.


About Novec1230


Novec1230 is a great fire suppression for protecting property against water damage caused by automatic sprinklers. It is also significantly better for the environment than any kind of fire suppression gas.


Why is Novec1230 so environmentally friendly? This fire suppression gas is very environmentally friendly because its atmospheric life is only up to 5 days. This is not the case for traditional fire suppression agents such as the FM-200. This traditional fire suppression agent has an atmospheric life of  years.


So you do not only get to reap the benefits of an environmentally friendly fire suppression agent but you will also have peace of mind that you’re equipping your facility with a green fire fighting fire suppression agent.


The Novec1230 fire suppression agent is non-conductive, residue free and non-corrosive. In the case of a fire emergency, you will know there’s a fast acting fire suppression agent on hand that will protect life and property without harming ozone layer ( the Novec1230 has an ozone depletion potential of zero), our environment. If you are curious about the speed of the Novec1230 agent, it’s a clean agent that can discharge and fire extinguish within 10 seconds. Best of all the Novec1230 agent takes up very little space in comparison to CO2 systems.


You can count on Novec1230 to not harm your electronics ( even an iPhone can come in contact with Novec1230 and no damage will result. You can waterproof your iPhone  with Novec) or harm a person that’s come in contact with the fire suppression agent during a fire emergency.


To see how Novec can waterproof an iPhone, watch this video:

Yes, it resembles water but it is not water. You can place your iPhone or even an iPad in a fish tank and see your Apple device will work. We have waterproofed an iPad with Novec and place that same iPad in a fish tank while the iPad was playing a movie.

To put it simple, Novec1230 is an incredible fire suppression gas agent.


Here at Fireline Corporation we have Novec1230 readily available for your every fire protection fluid needs so you can take advantage of great fire suppression systems you could never imagine to gain from conventional halon fire suppression agents.


To reap the benefits of Novec1230, let  Fireline Corporation furnish your facility with this powerful fire protection fluid.


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